Start by getting the right Internet connection

Getting the right Internet connection will allow you to see the facial expressions and hand signals of the person you are connected with clearly. Here’s what you need to know:


Bandwidth (Internet speed) minimum requirements

  • For the best smooth, crisp images on your VRS calls, we recommend a minimum of 1.3 Megabits per second (Mbps) bandwidth for both upload and download speeds to your device.
  • You can test your bandwidth speed with a speed test service such as Make sure that no one else is using the Internet in your house when you run your test so that you receive an accurate result.
  • If your upload bandwidth or your download bandwidth is below 512 Kbit/s, you may have difficulty using the VRS service.

Check your data package and usage

Streaming video over the Internet uses a lot of data. Internet Service Providers tend to offer their customers different amounts of data at different prices.

The data package that you subscribe to from your Internet Service Provider should include about 1,079 Megabytes or 1.05 Gigabytes per month for every two hours (120 minutes) that you use the service, whether you are using it with an interpreter or making a point-to-point call with other sign language users.

Your usage will vary based on many factors. We recommend you track your usage initially to measure how much data you are using.

If your bandwidth speeds are above minimum requirements, the data package you are subscribed to is appropriate and you still are receiving or sending a pixelated image, please contact SRV Canada VRS technical support for a test.
If the problem persists after trouble shooting with SRV Canada VRS technical support, we recommend you contact your Internet Service Provider.

Internet Service Provider checklist: call quality issues

You will want to let your Internet Service Provider know if you are experiencing any of the following issues:

  • Your Interpreter or other user of SRV Canada VRS cannot call you
  • You experience one-way video calls often
  • Your VRS call cuts out and freezes after a few seconds
  • You experience degraded, pixelated video despite having the minimum levels of recommended bandwidth and data.

Internet Service Provider checklist: router issues

  • Check to see if your router or access is equipped with a “SIP ALG” or “SIP application gateway layer”. If so, this will need to be turned off.
  • If you have no video at all, check to see if your router firewall is blocking the “UDP protocol”. If so, settings must be changed to enable UDP.
  • Other technical issues with routers may cause one- way video and video freeze. These are addressed by a technical document called RFC 4787 that you can provide to the Internet Service Provider technical support. The document can be found here.

Internet Service Provider checklist: NAT issues

  • A NAT (Network Address Translation), must have an “Endpoint-Independent Mapping”
  • A NAT MUST NOT have a Port-assignment behaviour of Port overloading
  • It is recommended that a NAT have a Port-parity preservation behavior
  • A NAT UDP mapping timer MUST NOT expire in less than 2 minutes unless REQ-5a applies