Empower Deaf
Students with VRS!

It’s an exciting time for Deaf
students in Canada!

Canada VRS is a powerful and FREE communications tool that Deaf students can use to connect with teachers and students, as well as family and friends.

Our Community Outreach Team will come to your school and give an educational presentation on how VRS can empower your students and their families. Students will also be able to register, ask questions, get technical support and even share ideas with others on how to use the Canada VRS app.

Canada VRS will enhance all aspects of
your students’ lives.

Benefits include:

Enjoying independence and safety

Building confidence in social situations

Growing personally and professionally

Gaining access to many of today’s beneficial youth services

Learning how to use proper phone etiquette and conversational manners

Becoming comfortable using essential smart phone and wireless technologies

Host a Canada VRS School Event at your
school and empower your students!