SRV Canada VRS releases updates to your apps from time to time. The updates improve the user experience and ensure that the apps remain compatible with the operating systems of all devices.

Software updates are an automatic process, but if you are experiencing difficulties, please check here for instructions on app updates for your device or devices.

SRV Canada VRS app updates

Date Update Details
2019-03-06 Business VRS Numbers and Video Mail Customers with Business VRS numbers now have new options for how their name appears in the CAV app directory.
In addition, Video Mail now easily displays how many messages you have stored, and reminds you of the limit of 20. You can also easily delete messages you do not want.
2018-09-28 Mac Update – Waterfox The CAV User application no longer works with the latest Safari update (version 12) which came with the latest MAC OS update. It will work with the browser Waterfox, and so we are switching to that browser.
2018-04-23 Windows Update Instructions to update the SRV Canada VRS app on Windows.