Making SRV Canada VRS available to Canadians makes this an exciting time for Canada’s Deaf, Hard of Hearing and hearing communities.

In this age and time of connection and communication, those without access are also those without opportunity. However, through the tireless dedication of Deaf community advocates, VRS is a reality – making access to opportunity much more attainable in our communities as VRS is a tool for empowerment that is finally available in Canada. By offering access to VRS, we are changing the fabric and culture of Canada for the better.

VRS connects people

Video Relay Service (VRS) enables Deaf or Hard of Hearing people to connect with voice telephone users via video over the Internet. VRS calls occur with the help of Video interpreters (VIs) who interpret the conversation back and forth between callers using sign language with the VRS user, and voice with the called party. VRS is accessed from smartphones, tablets, laptops, and computers, and empowers Deaf or Hard of Hearing people to communicate with anyone they choose.


Because SRV Canada VRS is an Internet based service, the Canadian Administrator of VRS (CAV) assigns a personal 10-digit phone number to each registered customer. This phone number allows SRV Canada VRS customers to make and receive calls using their Android or iOS smartphone or tablet, or Mac, or Windows computer.


All SRV Canada VRS customers, interpreters, partners and team members agree to and abide by CAV’s User Agreement. This Agreement assures all participants within the SRV Canada VRS community can use the service to its fullest.

Please note, all 10-digit numbers remain the property of CAV. Any customer who violates the terms of the User Agreement is subject to suspension from the service and revocation of the 10-digit number.

SRV Canada VRS Apps

SRV Canada VRS apps allow our customers to connect with people on Windows computers, or through their Android or iOS smartphone or tablet. Simply download the app on your device, follow the steps to register and then you’ll be able to place your first call.

SRV Canada VRS is also available on Mac computers using the Safari web browser.

Over time, updates will become available for SRV Canada VRS. Subscribe to the SRV Canada VRS newsletter to receive up-to-date information on the service, apps and other news.