Here are a few tips to ensure you get an optimal VRS experience using the right Internet connection with SRV Canada VRS at home:

  • Use devices with the features we recommend. Sufficient screen size and resolution, and processing power are three important things to think about.
  • Connect your device directly into your network. This will deliver a better quality call than accessing VRS over your Wi-Fi.
  • Make sure other people in your house aren’t streaming video or playing online games when placing a VRS call. Their activities may slow down your connection which could reduce the quality of your call

If you or the interpreter see a pixelated image this is a warning that your call quality is reduced. The pixelated image indicates that video packets are being lost between your home and the interpreter. Most of the time this is caused by:

  • Use of Wi-Fi with weak signal or interference by other Wi-Fi networks
  • Your Internet access is already in use for another bandwidth consuming service such as streaming videos.

If you cannot improve the quality of your call by correcting the situations described above, you will want to check that you are receiving adequate bandwidth from your Internet Service Provider. Start by checking your bandwidth speed, especially the upload bandwidth.


Once you have VRS set up at home, you may want to set it up at work.
The workplace can be a little different when it comes to accessing VRS. If you’re installing SRV Canada VRS for use in the workplace, you will want to connect with a member of your IT team to work through the potential technical issues.

Firewall Checklist

To ensure that you can access VRS at work you will need to:

  • Verify that the network security settings are not keeping you from making a good connection.
  • You also may need to ask your IT representative to open the Firewall to allow VRS to function properly.

User Diagram Protocol Checklist

Your IT representative may have to:

  • Adjust your User Datagram Protocol: (UDP).
  • Your communication and fragmentation should be allowed and not blocked.