The SRV Canada VRS apps include many features that make using VRS simpler, easier, and more convenient. Take a look at some of the extra features our apps include.

SRV Canada VRS App Features

24/7/365 Availability

Use VRS wherever you want, whenever you want. Our interpreters are available every day of the year and around the clock.

Multi-device Apps

Apps are available for Windows, Mac, and iPhone and Android mobile devices. Find out more about optimizing your device for VRS at

ASL/LSQ Equality

SRV Canada VRS has ASL, LSQ, English and French speaking interpreters on staff to accommodate conversations in all four languages.

9-1-1 Accessible

Make 9-1-1 calls using the VRS app in ASL/English or LSQ/French. 9-1-1 calls go directly to first place in the call centre’s queue and are answered with top priority. Find out more about VRS 9-1-1 calls at

Video Mail Message

When a VRS customer doesn’t answer an incoming call, the caller can leave a video message.

Deaf Youth

Youth under the age of majority are eligible to sign up for VRS as long as they have consent from a legal guardian. For more information, click here.

1 Personal Account plus a 2nd account for work

You can register for a 2nd VRS account for work to keep your business calls and your personal calls separate. Learn more about registering a business account at

Caller ID – Caller ID Hide

When making a VRS call you can display your name and VRS number to the person you are calling or hide it to keep your personal information website. For more information, go to

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