SRV Canada VRS customers must register for the service in order to use it. To register you will need to create an account within the app. Your account will be tied to your 10-digit number which you will use to make and receive VRS calls.

There are 3 easy steps to follow to register for SRV Canada VRS:

  1. Create an account within the app
    Download and install the right SRV Canada VRS app for your device. Then open the app. You will see a “Create your Account” button. Select it, and you will be prompted to fill in a form with your personal information, VRS call preferences and agreement to the User Agreement. Select “Submit” after completing the form. If on a Mac computer, use the Safari browser version of the app, and follow the same account creation process.
  2. Receive your activation code via SMS
    Once you submit your information, you will receive a code via text message on the cell phone number you provided when creating your account. You will then insert the code into the code field on the screen. Select “Submit”.
  3. Receive your SRV Canada VRS 10-digit number via email
    Within 1 business day, your 10-digit number will be sent to the email address you provided. You will use this number to make and receive SRV Canada VRS calls. Once you have your 10-digit number, you will able to start making and receiving calls using SRV Canada VRS!

Download and personalize your own SRV Canada VRS calling card
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Register for SRV Canada VRS

After downloading and installing the correct SRV Canada VRS app on your device or if on a Mac computer, loading the browser version of the app on Safari, you are ready to create your SRV Canada VRS account.


  1. Select and open the SRV Canada VRS app.
  2. You will see the Create your account screen.


  1. Launch Safari.
  2. Visit the SRV Canada VRS app
  3. You will see the Create your account screen.


  1. Launch the app by clicking on the SRV Canada VRS icon on your desktop, or if you did not put it on your desktop, put it in your program list. Click here for specific details on installing the app on PC.
  2. You will see the Create your account screen.


The SRV Canada VRS app will open, showing the Create your account screen.

a) When you click on the create your account button, the following screen will appear:

b) Fill in all requested information on the Create your account screen. All mandatory information is indicated by an asterisk (*).

  • Name
    Please enter your real name; it will be displayed in the directory if you choose to have your VRS phone number appear in the CAV directory. The CAV directory will allow you to search and find the 10-digit numbers of SRV Canada VRS customers who have opted in.
  • E-mail address
    Confirmation e-mail and all further communication will be sent to this address.  Please check your spam box to ensure you receive e-mails from CAV and SRV Canada VRS.
  • Mobile telephone number
    Because an activation code will be sent via text (SMS) you must specify a cell phone number (use numbers only, that is 6135551212 without dashes etc.). If you don’t have a cell phone, you can use someone else’s just for this purpose, where you can receive the SMS with the activation code. If you don’t have access to any cell phone, please contact Customer Service; they will activate your account.
  • Address, City, Postal Code and Province
    Your physical residence address. No P.O. Boxes will be accepted. On PC and Mac, you can change your address by going in your app’s Settings screen (identified by the little gear: gear)

IMPORTANT 9-1-1 NOTICE: For purposes of locating you in the case of a 9-1-1 emergency call, you must keep your address and postal code current in the app. Now Android and iOS users can change their personal information from their devices.

  • Preferred area code for your VRS number
    You will be offered a choice of area codes for your VRS phone number, based on your province. Select the one you prefer. Not all area codes will be available.
  • English or French dropdown
    This language selection relates to the written communications between you and CAV. This includes emails and other messages. It does not relate to the language you will use while using SRV Canada VRS, which is below.
  • Login
    The username you want to use to log into the app. Please write it down as you will need it to log in.
  • Password
    The password you want to use to log in the app. Please make sure you remember it, as you will need it to log in. Please note that it is case sensitive.
  • CAV Directory
    Please indicate if you want your name and phone number to appear in the directory, so that other SRV Canada VRS users can find your number.
  • Age of majority
    Indicate that you are above the age of majority, based on your province of residence. You cannot create an account unless you are the age of majority. If you need an account and are not the age of majority, an adult will need to create an account for you and will need to contact a SRV Canada VRS Customer Service representative.


  • Which is your favourite language?
    Indicate your most often used sign language (ASL or LSQ). Should you wish to use the other language, you will be able to change it in the application settings, after you are logged in. When you select your preferred language the app will automatically direct all calls to Video Interpreters who specialize in that language. If you are bilingual, and will be making and receiving calls in both languages, you will need to change the language setting each time you want to make or receive a call in the other language. The setting to do that is in the settings screen. As an example, you have it set to LSQ/French and want to make a call to a friend using ASL/English. First go into settings and change the language to English/ASL. Then make your call.
  • Bilingual.
    Click the radio button if you are bilingual. It will make switching between language easier in later versions.
  • Voice carry-over.
    Click the radio button if you use your own voice, and want to be heard by the VI and other party.
  • Deaf sign language user
    To qualify to use the service you need to certify that you are Deaf and use sign language.
  • Terms and Conditions
    It is your responsibility to read all the Terms and Conditions before checking the box. Click on words “TERMS AND CONDITIONS”, a window will pop up so you can read through them.
  • Offers by e-mail
    Click if you agree to receive offers by e-mail, from participating organisations.

c)  Once you are all done, click on the Create your account button.

d) On the cell phone you specified during the Create your account process, you will receive an activation code by SMS.  Enter that number in the white box and click Submit.  If you don’t want to create your account, click on Back to creation form.

e) Wait a few minutes until you get a message saying your account has successfully been created. An administrator will then activate it, and you will receive an e-mail once the account has been activated.  Depending on when the account was created, this could take up to the next business day.

f) Once you get the e-mail, you are ready to use the app. It will contain your SRV Canada VRS phone number, which will also be available on the top left corner of the app screen when using the app.

g) You may download and install the app on more than one device. DO NOT CREATE MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS. Use the same username and password on all your devices and it will have the same number that has been assigned to you.

Download and personalize your own SRV Canada VRS calling card
Just add your name and 10-digit number, then hand them out to colleagues, friends, and family.